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Ecommerce Personalization

Drive unique shopping experiences and increase conversions with the Searchspring Personalization Suite

showing how to personalize your ecommerce site through the searchspring SMC; search results to the right

Create a Personalized Experience

From product discovery to post-purchase communication, shoppers expect personalized, relevant experiences. Create powerful, unique experiences for your customers and engage with them to increase conversions and improve shopper loyalty.

Learn more about how personalized product recommendations, search results, email recommendations, and more can help you drive amazing shopping experiences.

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Ecommerce Personalized Search and Merchandising adjusts search results pages based on customers previous shopping behavior. This improves relevancy and makes products easier to find. The end result? Happier shoppers. A loyal customer base. Higher conversion rates.

personalized product recommendations

Recommend products that an individual shopper is likely to purchase based on their order history and recently viewed items.

Don’t limit recommendations to the PDP. Engage your customers with site-wide suggestions that capture their individual preferences.

personalized product recommendations in session

Make recommendations based on a shopper’s recently viewed products, and display alternatives to the items they have already shown an interest in. 

Leverage your user data to make in-the-moment recommendations based on the products a shopper is looking for during that particular visit.

Ecommerce personalization feature - geo merchandising

Use real-time targeting to dynamically display relevant results based on the shopper’s location. Customize messaging and promotions by region to accommodate localized shipping policies or sales. 

Show shoppers seasonally-appropriate apparel, merchandise for their local sports team, or home and garden products that reflect their local climate.

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“Searchspring has given us the ability to provide a much more personalized search experience, increasing our revenue from search by 62% YoY.”
– Lucy Applegarth, Ecommerce & Digital Marketing Manager; Boody

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