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Easy Miva Integration

Take Control of Your Site with Easy-to-Use Merchandising, Search, Personalization, and Reporting

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Prairie Moon Nursery
Searchspring came highly recommended by Miva when they were building our site. We also spoke to other Miva clients using Searchspring and their experiences were positive, so we knew the investment would pay for itself.
– Prairie Moon Nursery Customer Success Story

How Can Searchspring Help Create an Even Better Shopper Experience on Mivo?

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  • Enhanced, Accurate Search Results
  • Search Features Like Autocomplete
  • Control Over Sorting & Filter Options
  • Eliminate Zero-Result Searches
ecommerce navigation solutions _ filters on product search page
  • Drag-and Drop Merchandising That Don’t Require a Developer
  • Personalized Search Results Based on Data
  • No Need for Search & Navigation Extensions & Plugins
  • Product Recommendations That Convert
drag-and-drop control example _ custom ecommerce platform
  • Set Up Automated Merchandising Processes
  • Create Campaigns & Schedule Them Ahead of Time
  • Custom Landing Pages
  • Control Over Search Results & Merchandising
google analytics reports
  • Useful & Powerful Insights & Reporting
  • Reporting That Actually Makes Sense
  • One-Stop Shop for ALL Reporting
  • More Accurate Product Information with Site Indexing

Show me How Searchspring Can Help Improve my Miva Site

Searchspring Comes Highly Recommended

“Easy to use. Reporting is easy to digest and the products solve common ecommerce problems.”

“We were very impressed by the ease of integration and the quality of the search algorithm”

“The level of personalization of a collection PLP is excellent. The reporting system is incredibly helpful.”

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