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Your store was built just for you.
Build an experience just for them.

Help shoppers find exactly what they’re looking for on your custom ecommerce platform with and advanced site search, personalization, and merchandising solution

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To address product discovery issues on their custom site, Fabletics initially explored building a search solution in-house. “We are a tech company as much as we are a fashion retail company. Most of our technology is built proprietarily in-house, but we realized that it didn’t make sense for us to put our efforts into search when there was a solution available out of the box.”
– Fabletics Customer Success Story

How can Searchspring help drive amazing shopping experiences on your custom ecommerce platform?

Semantic search example: small white dress in searchbar; image of a blonde model in a white off the shoulder dress; breakdown of the search
  • Use Search Attributes to Make All Fields Searchable
  • Search Results Based on Behavior
  • Relevant Search Results That Improve Over Time
  • Control What Shows Up in Search Results and What Doesn’t
ecommerce navigation solutions _ filters on product search page
  • Add Customizable Filters
  • Set Rules to Prioritize Specific Products and Campaigns
  • Use Historical Shopper Data to Enhance UX
  • Personalized Recommendations Throughout the Customer Journey
drag-and-drop control example _ custom ecommerce platform
  • Drag-and-Drop Merchandising
  • Create Landing Pages and Campaigns
  • Easy Scheduling
  • Ditch Manual Merchandising – Save Time with Automation
Hero image-Feature-Google Analytics Insights _ custom ecommerce platform
  • Take Action Immediately with Easy-to-Read Reporting
  • Integrate with Google Analytics
  • Insights and Reporting in One Place
  • Make Updates Right Away with Live Indexing

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Searchspring Comes Highly Recommended

“Easy to use. Reporting is easy to digest and the products solve common ecommerce problems.”

“We were very impressed by the ease of integration and the quality of the search algorithm”

“The level of personalization of a collection PLP is excellent. The reporting system is incredibly helpful.”

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