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Ecommerce Insights & Reporting

With Searchspring, You Have Your Own Personal Ecommerce Data Interpreter by Your Side
ecommerce reporting and insights

Insightful, Meaningful Data

Get insights and reporting on site search, categories, and individual products to make decisions based on shopper behavior – NOT just a gut feeling. Searchspring easily integrates with Google Analytics to provide easy-to-read Insights and Reporting for your ecommerce site. Stop spending valuable time gathering and analyzing data – Searchspring does it all.

When you’re this fluent in your own data, your site will turn into a conversion machine faster and easier.

The Upside Ecommerce Success Story
“Searchspring’s reporting is super user-friendly, it’s easy for us to pull the insights we need to determine where we should focus our attention. If we’re not serving up the best experience in response to certain search terms, we can fix it quickly.”
– Airi Sutherland, Head of Digital, THE UPSIDE

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