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Ecommerce On-Site Search

Powerful, unique, proven product discovery: Get the right products in front of the right shoppers with relevant, personalized on-site search results
ecommerce site search solutions

Ecommerce Site Search Simplified (and Powerful)

Create unique shopping experiences with Searchspring’s powerful on-site search. Guide shoppers throughout their journey and increase conversions by improving product discovery and relevancy.

Site Search Suite Features

  1. Semantic Search

    Semantic Product Search makes sure shoppers are taken to the correct set of products – not a collection of products that are only loosely related to their query. In just a few milliseconds, Semantic Search breaks apart words in searches and identifies which are product categories and which are attributes. This leads to a better search experience and higher conversion rates. Learn More
  2. Intellisuggest

    Put the products that get the most engagement where they’ll be found right away for higher conversions. IntelliSuggest Search gets the most searched items to the top of search results pages by gathering engagement data on each search query. Your top 250 queries have their own unique set of products boosted based on engagement data from other shoppers who searched for the same term. Learn More
  3. Autocomplete

    Search Autocomplete is that helpful list of suggestions that appears instantly while typing in the search box (you know what we’re talking about!) Autocomplete surfaces the most relevant search term predictions to your shoppers. Suggestions are so quick and relevant, they make shoppers say, ““whoa – I found what I needed before I finished typing”. Learn More
  4. All Site Search Suite Features

    Hyper-relevant and personal search results help crush your sales goals and take your ecommerce site to the next level. Learn about all the features available as part of the Site Search Suite. Learn More
three women in Fabletics outfits - leggings, tank tops, and sports bras

“The search functionality offered by Searchspring was a huge win for Fabletics. The filters and semantic search capabilities mean that our customer can enter the attributes they want, or search using natural language to find the results they’re looking for.”

– Jamieson Yee, SVP, Global Product & QA, TechStyle Fashion Group (Fabletics Tech Partner)


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