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Our Story

From our humble beginnings of two guys who started a software company in a small office in Colorado (how cliché), to employing over 100 people (and dogs) in offices across the globe, we’ve come a long way.

First Searchspring office in Colorado Springs, CO. First Searchspring logo on wall featuring a dog with slinky in the middle. A computer on a desk. On the door is a Searchspring plaque.

Humble beginnings, the first Searchspring office in Colorado Springs, CO (pictured here) has turned into a global organization with offices in Poland, Australia, Canada, and the U.S. All the growth made possible by our amazing employees, clients, and partners.

Searchspring History

Searchspring was founded in 2007 in Colorado Springs with a vision of creating a platform that would provide state-of-the-art site search and merchandising to online retailers. It was soon discovered there was a huge demand for this technology due to gaps in native ecommerce platforms.

Over the years, Searchspring grew into bigger offices throughout Colorado. In 2019, it was aquired by Scaleworks out of San Antonio. Shortly after, Searchspring aquired Toronto-based ecommerce search company, Nextopia, and became the Searchspring we know today.

With providing the ultimate shopper experience in mind, Searchspring expanded their product line to include ecommerce personalization. This was successful due to the acquisition of 4-Tell, the industry leader in personalization. Recognizing a demand for better search, merchandising, and personalization on a global scale, Searchspring sought out even more opportunies. In 2021, the first Searchspring APAC office officially opened in Sydney, Australia.

In September, 2022, Searchspring secured a strategic growth investment from PSG Equity. PSG’s investment will help expand Searchspring’s strategic roadmap and accelerate product innovation to help customers continue to improve the shopper experience.

Searchspring Timeline

Searchspring Today

Today Searchspring is proud to be the industry leader in providing enhanced solutions on native ecommerce platforms for on-site search, merchandising, personalization, insights, and more.

We help retailers drive the best shopper experience possible which leads to better conversion rates and increased customer loyalty. With offices and remote employees all over the world, each and every Searchspring employee is on a mission to provide the ultimate shopper experience.