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The Future Is Fast: 4 Key Ecommerce Strategies to Increase Sales

Searchspring-eBook-Future-Is-Fast-Preview-ImageThe ease and convenience of the ecommerce experience are now table stakes.

In 2023, shoppers are making it clear they expect online retailers to help them find, discover, deliver, and connect in more efficient and engaging ways.

Some of the eye-opening statistics of ecommerce merchants should be aware of include:

  • 34% of sites couldn’t return useful results when shoppers used a model number or misspelled even a single character.
  • 83% of Australians said it’s appealing to receive assistance in finding and selecting the right product for their needs from an online retailer.
  • 85% of shoppers say that a bad delivery experience would prevent them from ordering again from an online retailer.
  • 73% of customers use multiple channels during their shopping journey.

Retailers have again seen rapid changes in 2023. But the future is fast.

Those who are ready to meet the pace of change will be the ones to leapfrog competitors and significantly increase sales.

Uncover the top 4 ecommerce strategies to exceed your shoppers’ expectations and sell more in 2023 and beyond.

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