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Partner Spotlight: SellersFi

By Emily West

SellersFi is a global financial technology company that aims to empower ecommerce merchants looking to grow. Whether you’re a marketplace seller, DTC brand, B2B business, or hybrid, SellersFi offers strategic solutions built for ecommerce that make scaling fast and easy.

A Holistic Approach to Ecommerce Finance

From inventory and marketing to product launches, international expansion, and more, thousands of ecommerce sellers trust SellersFi to achieve limitless success. Their suite of offerings includes:

  • Fast and flexible funding — from $5K to $5M — to help D2C brands, B2B merchants, and marketplace sellers grow.
  • Invoice Factoring — merchants get their payments in full for your Amazon and vendor invoices in as little as 48 hours.
  • Invoice Flex — pace your payments on a schedule that doesn’t deplete your cash
  • Digital Wallet — save time and fees with an all-In-one global payments-and-collections solution, plus the best-rate currency exchange.
  • Prepaid Business Card – the fastest way to use your funds to cover expenses, pay suppliers, or spend on your business however you like.
  • Buy Now, Pay Later — increase sales by offering customers flexible options to pay over time, while you get your payouts immediately.

Delivering An Engaging Online Experience

SellersFi knows that optimizing site search and improving product discovery is essential for brands and retailers. After all, 45% of online shoppers abandon their carts if they cannot find the product they are looking for.

But just as search and discovery are crucial to the shopper experience, so is personalization. Not only does personalization create a more relevant and engaging customer experience, but it also makes shoppers feel important to a brand.

“SellersFi is excited to partner with Searchspring. Through this partnership, we’re ensuring our customers have access to the best tools in search, merchandising, and personalization that there is to offer.” 

– Michael Cass, Director, SellersFi

Reach out to SellersFi to learn more about their suite of financial solutions.